Empty Hypodermic

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Empty Hypodermic
This is an empty hypodermic.
Primary Use Crafting Stimpaks
Alternate Use Crafting Super Stimpaks
Weight 75 grams
Base Price 1 caps

Empty Hypodermics are a medical wasteland resource, used to craft healing drugs.

Finding empty hypodermics

A small side note: Jules will refuse to talk to you if you have less than 4 Intelligence. You can use Mentats and temporarly raise your Intelligence by 2 points. Alternatively you can use a statted Armor with +1 to Intelligence or both at the same time if your Intelligence is really low.
  • Empty Hypodermics can be found on rare occasions in caves.
  • They can also be randomly looted from shelves, desks and other containers present through out the game world.


Empty Hypodermics are used to make stimpaks.

The following items need Empty Hypodermics to be crafted:

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