Old Warehouse

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Warehouse & Vertibird

The Warehouse Special Encounter can only be found in zones with city ruins. Fight through some Molerats to reach the basement level, and onto the Vertibird! There is a Key to the Vertibird here, so search for a hidden place along a basement wall. Otherwise, high Lockpick skill might also be needed.

Or...access the basement level via a manhole in the street that you don't immediately see. Can you find it?

NOTE: If you find this SE while driving a car, you can leave the car in the SE to fly the Vertibird out, and get back to the SE to get your car too, so you don't lose a vehicle.

SPOILER: Finding the Key
Psych! Really don't want to spoil this for you. When you find the semi-hidden place, you'll be glad you took the extra time to search for it. It's not so hidden, actually, so don't give up. Other people have found it - so can you!


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