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A Winchester Widowmaker double-barreled 12-gauge shotgun. Short barrel, with mahogany grip.
Damage 19 - 27
Single AP: 5, Range: 20
Aimed Attack Yes. Single AP +1(2) AP
Burst AP: 6, Range: 20, Rounds: 2
Damage type Normal
Weapon Perk Accurate and Knockback
Ammo 12g Shells
12g Slugs
12g Flechette
12g EMP
Gecko's Breath
Ammo capacity 2
Strength required 4
Type Two-handed
Possible buffs for Weapons
Deterioration Yes
Weight 2267 grams
Base price 240 caps
Crafting Table
Shotgun6.gif x 1
Requirements None
Blueprints No
Resources 1 x Firewood.gif and
5 x Metal trash2.gif
Tools Sttable.gif or Adv workbench.png
XP 150 info maybe outdated


This Shotgun is a low-level Small Arm that can be easily obtained during the beginning stages of your adventure in FOnline: Reloaded.


When you're just starting and can't afford better gear yet, this weapon can be effective for hunting low-level creatures. Of course, it does more damage when fired in burst mode, but don't expect to win wars with a 2-round burst gun.

If you don't mind cutting your weapon range to a mere 7 hexes, try modifying the standard shotgun into a Sawed-Off Shotgun, which fires faster. But don't limit yourself to these, as the Combat Shotgun is highly preferred by all low-tier 12-guage fans. After that, the H&K CAWS is truly superior as the tier 2 craftable shotgun. The best shotgun is the Pancor Jackhammer which cannot be crafted, which is why some people prefer crafting CAWS.


The Shotgun's low magazine size is a major drawback, 2 single shots or 1 burst and you will need to reload.


NPCs in the following encounters are known to carry shotguns:

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