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This relatively light machine gun was prized by militaries around the world for its high rate of fire. This reliable, battlefield-proven design, was used on vehicles and for squad level fire-support.
Damage 30 - 40
Burst AP: 7, Range: 35, Rounds: 10
Aimed Attack No
Damage type Normal
Weapon Perk None
Ammo 7.62mm
Ammo capacity 100
Strength required 7
Type Two-handed
Possible buffs for Weapons
Deterioration Yes
Weight 10500 grams
Base price 5990 caps
Crafting Table
M60.gif x 1
Requirements Profession: Gunsmith (Big Guns): 1
Blueprints No
Resources 7 x Metal trash2.gif
7 x Alloys.gif
Tools Sttable.gif or Adv workbench.png
XP 207

The M60 is an american-made light machine gun that provides heavy firepower, and is easier to obtain compared to most other big guns. It is a tier below the minigun, however many prefer to use it due to certain advantages it brings. One is able to burst ten times per magazine, and is able to reach damages above 300 per burst. It is able to hex, unlike the Light Support Weapon.


Developed in 1957, the M60 was the general purpose machine gun first in use with the U.S. Army during the proxy war in Vietnam, a part of the greater Cold War. It saw some replacement in the 1980's as the M249 SAW was introduced as a part of new strategy and tactics which focused on offense with lighter weapons, as opposed to the M60 which was designed to be equally effective in offensive and defensive roles. The M60 was known to have durability problems in the harsh environs of the Vietnam jungle, but soldiers appreciated its easy handling -- even while standing -- and mechanical simplicity, as well as the stopping power and penetration of the 7.62mm NATO round.

The models seen in the wasteland are modernized, retrofitted M60E4s -- long since updated to handle the durability issues faced by American soldiers in the Vietnam war. Thankfully for you poor wastelanders, the U.S. Army continued using the weapon well into the 21st century and updated it throughout, since American soldiers continued to fight in hostile environments such as deserts.


This weapon can be found in the following encounters:

Skill Small Guns
None Requirements
Can be crafted
9mm Mauser · 10mm Pistol · Red Ryder BB Gun · Shotgun
Gunsmith (Small Guns) 1
.44 Magnum Revolver · .44 Magnum (Speed Load) · Desert Eagle .44 · Desert Eagle (Exp. Mag.) · Hunting Rifle · Scoped Hunting Rifle · Tommy Gun · M3A1 "Grease Gun" SMG · Sawed-Off Shotgun · Combat Shotgun · Grenade pistol FN 69A1
Gunsmith (Small Guns) 2
14mm Pistol · .223 Pistol · Needler Pistol · 10mm SMG · M79 Grenade Launcher · H&K P90c · H&K CAWS · Sniper Rifle · Assault Rifle · Assault Rifle (Exp. Mag.) · FN FAL
Rare SG weapons
Can not be crafted
PPK12 Gauss Pistol · M72 Gauss Rifle · FN FAL (Night Sight) · FN FAL HPFA · H&K G11 · H&K G11E · Pancor Jackhammer · Jonny's BB Gun · Red Ryder LE BB Gun
Skill Big Guns
None Requirements. Can be crafted Flamer
Profession: Gunsmith (Big Guns) 1 M60
Profession: Gunsmith (Big Guns) 2 Light Support Weapon · Minigun · Rocket Launcher · Incinerator
Rare BG weapons. Can not be crafted Bozar · Vindicator Minigun · Avenger Minigun
Skill Energy Weapons
None Requirements. Can be crafted Laser Pistol
Profession: Energy Expert 1 Magneto-Laser Pistol
Profession: Energy Expert 2 Plasma Pistol · Plasma Pistol (Ext. Cap.) · Laser SMG · YK32 Pulse Pistol · Laser Rifle · Laser Rifle (Ext. Cap.) · Plasma Rifle
Rare EW. Can not be crafted Alien Blaster · Gatling Laser · Laser Support Weapon · Solar Scorcher · Phazer · Turbo Plasma Rifle · YK42B Pulse Rifle