Super Sledge

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Super Sledge
A Super Sledgehammer, manufactured by the Brotherhood of Steel, using the finest weapons technology available. Includes a kinetic energy storage device, to increase knockback.
Damage 36 - 72
Swing AP: 4, Range: 2
Aimed Attack Yes. Thrust/Swing AP +1(2) AP
Thrust AP: 5, Range: 2
Damage type Normal
Weapon Perk Knockback
Ammo None
Ammo capacity 0
Strength required 5
Type Two-handed
Possible buffs for Weapons
Deterioration Yes
Weight 5443 grams
Base price 3120 caps
Crafting Table
Ssledge2.gif x 1
Requirements Close Combat 100
Blueprints Yes
Resources 2 x Metal trash.gif
1 x Alloys.gif
1 x V15comp.gif
1 x Sledge.gif
Tools Sttable.gif or Adv workbench.png
XP 250 info maybe outdated


  • Knockback weapon perk is the ability that a weapon may have to knock your target down while at the same time pushing it over the ground.


The Super Sledge can be used as a basic melee weapon, and used for mining the following resources in mines to make materials for crafting:


  • It can be crafted by anyone with the blueprint, regardless of skills.
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