Good Metal Parts

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Good Metal Parts
Metal trash.gif
Various irregular pieces of metal, all shapes and sizes. This one is of very high quality, and you suppose it could be turned into something worthwhile given the right expertise and equipment.
Primary Use Crafting higher tier weapons and armors
Alternate Use N/A
Weight 453 grams
Base Price 80 caps

Crafting Table
Metal trash.gif x 1
Requirements None
Blueprints No
Resources 1 x Metal trash2.gif
2 x Ore1 2.gif
Tools Sttable.gif or Adv workbench.png
XP 10 info maybe outdated

Obtaining Good Metal Parts


Good Metal Parts are used to make different types of Weapons, Armor, and Ammo.

The following items need Good Metal Parts to be crafted. This list may not be entirely complete:

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