Iron Ore

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Iron Ore
Metal ore.gif
A piece of natural mineral formations. Contains iron and its compounds. Very heavy.
Primary Use Crafting Metal Parts
Alternate Use Crafting Alloys
Weight 2,000 grams
Base Price 20 caps

Iron Ore is one of four primary low-tier crafting Resources. It's counterpart is Minerals. It is pivotal to the wasteland economy, as various weapons and tools require a constant income of iron ore.

Finding Iron Ore

  • It must be gathered at a private or one of the public mines, using a proper tool:
  • You get two chunks of ore per gather. Each vein holds eight gathers-worth. Thus, each vein gives up to sixteen chunks of ore at a time.


An ore vein will automatically replenish after someone mines some other vein that mine. Usually, a mining site will only replenish some of its active veins so some will appear dead, but it only takes one miner in there to see how things change; depleting one vein will often force a dead vein to replenish. Run to that one and mine it, and another one will replenish. A guarded quarry will have both Iron Ore and Minerals. If you mine a mineral vein, a dead vein might suddenly have either one. In a mine that has HQ resources, each vein can have regular or HQ ore. It's random, however if you go into an HQ mine only mining HQ resources, you'll soon see fewer HQ there. To keep it all cycling well, mine it all.


Iron ore is refined into low-tier crafting materials.

Items that need Iron Ore to be crafted :

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