Xander Root

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Xander Root
The rare root that gives healing properties to the powder of healing.
Primary Use Crafting Drugs
Alternate Use Cooking
Weight 0 grams
Base Price 10 caps

Xander Root is a resource that gives healing properties to some materials. It, along with it's counterpart Broc Flower, form the basis of medicinal drugs in the wasteland. These two ingredients allow for the creation of all healing items in the game. Their role in the FOnline economy is pivotal.

Finding Xander Root

  • In random encounters almost everywhere (especially mountains).
  • In the Trapper Town and hunting areas of Klamath.
  • Merchants that sell Drugs or healing items will usually stock a few dozen of them too
The game's appearance of a Xander Root.


Xander Root is used in the crafting of the following items:

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