Electronic Parts

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Electronic Parts
A mass of wires, circuit boards, resistors and vacuum tubes. It could be useful once you know exactly what to do with it.
Primary Use Crafting
Alternate Use DIY bases
Weight 450 grams
Base Price 40 caps

Often called eparts, standard Electronic Parts are Resources collected from broken computers in the wasteland, used to craft some Energy Weapons and ammo, and needed to build DIY bases. There is also a high-quality variety of eparts called High Quality Electronic Parts, used in advanced Crafting.

Finding Electronic Parts

  • Scavenging Electronic Parts Requires 5 Action Points
  • It can be obtained from Dismantling certain crafted items - use Science skill
  • It can be obtained from certain old, broken computers, by using Science Skill
  • 10 E-Parts can be obtained each time resources renew in broken computers:
    • Look for a computer at Themepark
    • One computer in Hub's Old Town
    • Obtain many from 3 computers at Waterworks
    • Find many of these from 4 computers total, on 2 different levels of Vault 15
    • A computer at Junkyard, on the west coast
    • ...and more...
  • On rare occasions, it can be found in a Car wreck
The source of electronic parts.



Electronic parts are mostly used to make energy-powered items. They are also required to create all DIY bases.

The following items need Electronic Parts to be crafted:

DIY bases that need electronic parts to be created:

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