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Modifies Chance to pick a lock.
Initial level 10% + (Perception + Agility)
Related perks Treasure Hunter
Related traits None
Maximum 150

"Lockpick is a skill of opening locks without the proper key."

Lockpick helps you with opening things, which - by some accident - remains locked. This includes doors, containers, cars... We - lockpickers - take care of all goodies that were, for unknown reasons, closed in dark and forgotten places.

Your best friends on your journeys will be probably lockpicks (giving +25% skill bonus) or expanded lockpicks (+50% skill bonus). Always keep one of them in your pocket, and remember to clean them from time to time.

Note: Maximum Lockpick skill is 150. You can attempt to make it higher but it will go back to 150 and give you your points back.

Craftable items

Other advantages

  • Complexity of crafted lock depends on crafter lockpick skill – The more you have, the harder it will be to open your lock.
  • To lock something (locker/footlocker) simply use lock on it when it's in "open" state.
  • When you successfully open a car or caravan with any Vehicle Key in active slot, key will be assigned to this car or caravan.

Note: Lock pickers don't go to the world map automatically after successfully picking the lock of a car.

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