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Gambling (DISABLED)
Modifies Success in games
Initial level 5 x Luck
Related perks Raider's Die
Related traits ??
Maximum 150

NOTE: Gambling skill is disabled at this time.

Casinos now feature some gambling options. Each casino has its own unique variation of a coin toss game:

  • Risk
    • (more details here)
  • Lust
    • (more details here)
  • Greed
    • (more details here)
  • Envy
    • (more details here)

Winnings are determined by which casino you are visiting. New Reno has the best payouts, and Hub has the worst.

The Gambling skill is capped at 150 and influences a Character's success in all kinds of Mini-Games, including:

  • Slot Machines work! 100 bottle Caps to play, with a chance for a 100k jackpot!
  • Pool'
    • (more details here)
  • Blackjack (21)
    • (more details here)
  • American Roulette
    • (more details here)
  • Russian Roulette
  • ...more here Soon

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NOTE: Maximum Gambling skill is 150. You can attempt to make it higher but it will go back to 150 and give you your points back.

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