Big Guns

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- The Vault.

Big Guns
Modifies Chance to hit using big guns.
Initial level 2% x Agility
Related perks Bonus Ranged Damage
More Ranged Damage
Bonus Rate of Fire
Related traits Fast Shot
Maximum 300

Big Guns is a category of firearms, and the skill related to them. They are harder to find than Small Guns, and they are mostly available for experienced players. They offer more tactics than Small Guns, thanks to explosions (Rocket Launcher) or the close and personal (Flamer). Big gangs will often use these weapons because they are a good source of firepower.

Beginners will rarely use Big Guns, due to the fact they are hard to craft, find, and even purchase. Their ammo is more rare than the Small Guns, and depletes much faster since the Big Guns mainly have only burst fire options. Big Guns users need to have a high Strength, and they also need a lot of hit points to be able to take a lot of damage, and to deal a lot too.

Big Guns often use burst 'mode', like the (Minigun). The Bonus Rate of Fire perk is an excellent choice, or even Strong Back to carry a few more cans of Flamethrower Fuel or a few more Rockets. Big Guns deal Normal, Fire and Explode damage, depending on the weapon.

To craft higher-tier Big Guns, the Gunsmith: (Big Guns) profession must be learned.

Since all Big Guns are two-handed, it's detrimental to choose One Hander as a trait for a build that's going to use them. Weapon Handling theoretically can be used, but in practice, lower Strength limit the amount of ammo a character can carry.

List of Big Guns

This is the list of all the weapons in the Big Guns Category.

Minigun Accurate Normal 12-15 30 5mm JHP
5mm AP
120 Gatling Gun 7 7 2
Avenger Minigun Accurate Normal 13-16 35 5mm JHP
5mm AP
120 Gatling Gun 7 7 2
Flamer None Fire 50-85 8 Flamethrower Fuel
Flamethrower Fuel MKII
5 Flamer 7 7 2
Incinerator Flameboy Fire 110-135 10 Flamethrower Fuel
Flamethrower Fuel MKII
5 Flamer 7 7 2
Rocket Launcher Long Range Explode 64-85 40 Explosive Rocket
Rocket AP
1 Rocket Launcher 7 7 2
M60 None Normal 30-40 35 7.62mm 100 Machine Gun 7 7 2
Light Support Weapon Long Range Normal 22-37 Single:45
.223 FMJ 30 Machine Gun 6 5/6 2
Bozar Long Range Normal 50-60 Single:50
.223 FMJ 15 Sniper Rifle 6 5/6 2
Vindicator Minigun None Normal 20-28 30 4.7mm Caseless 100 Gatling Gun 7 7 2
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