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Modifies Finding items, value of items found.
Initial level 0%
Related perks (none)
Related traits (none)
Maximum 100

The ability to search through waste, junk, etc., for something that can be saved or used. The more time you spend on searching, the better you are at it.

There are trashy ground effects items laying all around in populated places (many public locations) that we call "resource nodes". These include trash cans, car parts, shipping boxes, and even trash or car wrecks. A scavenge-able node will yield resources like Wood, Junk, Metal Parts, Alloys, etc., all obviously useful for Crafting basic gear.

With a Tool in hand, you can gather a lot of basic Resources via your Scavenging skill. You get XP for successfully scavenging something, and the XP is scaled based on what you find. This skill is apparently capped at 100 and cannot be tagged. It climbs automatically as you successfully scavenge. It is thus called a passive skill.

NOTE: Scavenge only works on some crates, cars, boxes, etc. Not every junky-looking ground item can be scavenged, and Scavenge does not work in random encounters, nor usually in quest locations. A Newspaper Machine might give a Cat's Paw Magazine and 100 XP when scav'ed.

NOTE: In Lander's Point, your Scavenge skill does not go higher than 21%. However, it can exceed 21% once you exit Lander's Point.

Each node can be scavenged twice, yielding a random outcome. Sometimes you will get something both times. Each node is replenished on a timer. You also get a message with each attempt:

  • "You've found some useful junk" means you found something, which is automatically added to your Inventory.
  • "You found nothing of use" means you tried but no resources were yielded this time. (You should try again, now.)
  • "There is nothing here right now" means not enough time has elapsed since the last time this node was scavenged. Try again, later.

Experience Earned from Scavenging

How much XP you get depends on the type of material you find, not on the amount. For example, Junk and Fibers are worth 10 XP each, but you will not get 50 XP for finding two Junk and three Fibers from one scavenge; you still only get 20 XP for finding both types. The following table below shows how much XP you can earn for each type of material you find.

Item Scavenged XP Earned
Fibers 10
Junk 10
Wood 10
Metal Parts 20
Alloys 50
Electronic Parts 70
Good Metal Parts 300
High Quality Alloys 300

Containers in Towns can now also be searched for Items, but these searches do not have any affect on your Scavenge skill, and tend to yield miscellaneous items more than resources that can be used for Crafting.

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