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Followers are NPCs that follow a PC and help him in combat and with a variety of tasks. Sometimes they act as a simple meat shield and in other cases they can be a real lifesaver. There are four different kinds of followers, each with special mechanics, but almost all of them follow the general rules of taking up Party Points, and can be leveled up.

Note: Companions and mercenaries can be transferred between players.

Note: Loyalty of followers will be lowered every 7 days.

Note: Follower prices: human, ghoul and mutant mercs are more expensive, brahmins are cheaper.

Note: Tamable rats (small rats/molerats) can be bought from Jackpot Jane at Molerat Mambo in Redding.

Note: Option for a companion to equip Enclave Armor.


These are more like friends, they're more rare but also very useful. They won't die permanently, but respawn at your tent/base/Hotel Room. Companions will travel around to different towns as wastelanders, and visit mostly bars, but also stay in other places, like shops, or just around in some corner. Companions are both male or female but always humans, and there are different weapon types. Companions allow for more customization, you can give them any armor. Their helmets can also be changed or removed via dialog.

Companions can be found in all towns.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If your companion die's in a temporary location, like the Gun Runners Caravan Package quest location, and you finish the quest without waiting for him/her to respawn, you will lose your companion forever and your Party Points will go down. Also if you are in caves and your companion is in combat and you leave the cave and leave the location, he will also be gone but in this case your Party Points wont go down. So the only way to get your PP to normal is via ~disbandparty (but remember you will lose all your companions and followers using this command so its best to give companions that you don't want to lose to other character via dialog and when you have only one you want to get rid of, and then use the command).

If you are looking for a companion the fastest way is to go to San Francisco they get stuck in center of City. The best way go get a companion is to have minimum 70 Party Points and no followers, go to San Francisco and via dialog pick up a companion (check his stats) if the are no good then use ~disbandparty and get another one to check his stats. Be very careful when using the ~disbandparty command.

Note: Once recruited, you can check some of their stats via dialogue, including current level, Experience, SPECIAL and best fighting skill.

Note: Level 12 required to recruit companions.

Dialogue Options
Dialogue Description
1) Stay here / Let's Go Toggle between companion following you, and staying put.
2) You're blocking my way, could you please move? Force companion to move to another hex.
3) I want to talk to you about distance. Instruct companion to maintain close, nearby or far distance in combat.
4) I want to talk to you about combat. Instruct companion about combat options.
5) Let's talk about your armor. Allows you to change which armor companion wears.
6) If we ever get separated, I think we should agree to meet up at some place. Designate where companion respawns.
7) I have some food for you. Feed companion to boost their loyalty to you.
8) What kind of weapons are you most proficient with? Find out what weapon to give to companion.
9) Arm yourself. Tells companion to equip weapon.
10) Put down your weapon. Tells companion to put away weapon.
11) Let's see if we can exchange some stuff. Opens barter screen.
12) I want someone else to be your new friend. A way to assign this companion to a different character.
13) [Check stats] Shows SPECIAL, current level, current xp, and gun skill.
14) Nevermind. Closes dialogue.
  • Anyone who uses a companion should use dialogue option 6 to set a re-grouping point.
  • There is a known bug where companions sometimes disappear.
  • Use the SAY button via dialogue option 6 to name a tent or base.
  • Naming a base requires the name of the base itself, not the faction name.
  • Get a base's name by accessing its terminal and checking under Manage Hideout Clearance.

You can dismiss a Companion follower with the ~disbandparty command. However, this will dismiss all of your companions. All dismissals are permanent, so be careful to only dismiss the one(s) you really don't want. To dismiss only one companion at a time, leave the companion to be dismissed at a tent. Exit the tent leaving that one behind, but bring your other companions with you. Then you can use a variation of the command to dismiss only the one you left behind: ~disbandparty away_team (See Commands.) This will permanently dismiss the Companion(s) you left behind, while retaining the ones you brought with you.

Use Alt+click to order Companions to move to specific places on the ground near you.

Companions can be used to guard Bases, if stationed there by a faction member. Read more about this on Bases page.


These Mercs are humanoid followers that you can recruit in some towns. They'll demand payment from time to time, or else their loyalty falls low, which causes them to flee in combat.

Note: There is an option to see statistics of mercenaries - current level, experience, SPECIAL and best skill - via dialogue.


Can be obtained by using ropes on certain unconscious NPCs in Random Encounters. They can also be purchased at the Slaver's Guild. They require drugs from time to time. You need a Slaver Tattoo to be able to lead slaves.

Note: There is an option to see statistics of slaves - current level, experience, SPECIAL and best skill - via dialogue.


Dogs, Brahmins and other animals generally act as mules or help in combat, they have a more limited set of options in their dialogue. Brahmins won't fight in combat, they'll just flee. Normal Dogs can be purchased in Junktown for 700 caps each, from the dog trainer near the casino. A Scout Dog is of a special breed with better Outdoorsman skill (around 120) that can help you avoid encounters. They can be bought at Salvagers in Boneyard.


You can give commands to your followers by holding alt key and left-clicking somewhere.

Party Points

Absolute maximum party points are therefore 300.

Note: You can check your total party points via ~pp command.

Party Points Required, by Follower Type

Follower Type Points Used
Mutant Merc - Big Guns 90
Mutant Merc - Unarmed 90
Human Merc - Big Guns 80
Human Merc - Small Guns 80
Human Merc - Melee 80
Human Merc - Energy Weapons 70
Human Companion 70
Ghoul Merc - Small Guns 60
Ghoul Merc - Melee 60
Dog 40
Rat 40
  • Number of Slaves you can have is 2 + number of Mercs, Companions you own. (You don't need to have the mercs, companions with you while slaving.)

Companion Respawn

If you have rented a room at a hotel, it will be possible for your companions to respawn there (along with you). You can also tell them to respawn at the faction base, or your tent if you have any of those. If no respawn points are available, the companion will die permanently. If no respawn is explicitly set in the dialog, or some option is set, but isn't valid anymore, the replication script will try to find alternative respawns before killing the companion permanently. Once your companion respawns it must be retold where to spawn or it will die permanently the next time it is killed regardless of loyalty level.


Via dialogue, you can give your followers certain gifts (depending on what type they are) which contribute to follower loyalty. When you receive a follower they have a loyalty of 100% and this decays 10% each week, unless you have Speaker, a support perk that cuts this decay rate in half.

A follower sticks out a fight until it has (100-loyalty)% HP remaining. A 90 HP follower at only 20% loyalty only stays fighting with you until (100-20)% HP remaining = 90*0.8 = 72 HP. As soon as he has 71 or under, he will flee the map.

How high or low their loyalty is can be spotted when talking to them, if they have high loyalty, they'll praise the PC, if not, they'll show a lack of respect.


They use Nuka-Cola, beer, cookie, booze, Strange Iguana-on-a-stick. Each item gives 1-2%.


They fight for caps. Their wage is 25% of their hire cost and gives 10% increase in loyalty.


Slaves use Jet. 5-10% increase per jet dose. If slave loyalty goes down too low, they may attempt to kill their master.


Animals always have full loyalty, and will fight to their death if commanded to do so.

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