Combat Helmet

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Combat Helmet
Before The great War, this combat helmet was standard-issue along with combat armor. Good overall protection with laser target designation and fancy shielding glass.
AC Bonus +20 for head
Crit chance mod -20
Crit power mod -10
Damage Type Damage Threshold Damage Resistance
Normal 5 40%
Laser 5 35%
Fire 3 25%
Plasma 3 35%
Explode 5 40%
Electrical 2 30%
Possible buffs for Helmets
Deterioration Yes
Weight 907 grams
Base Price to do caps
Crafting Table
Combathelmet.gif x 1
Requirements Profession: Armorer: 2
Blueprints Yes
Resources 2 x Alloys2.gif
1 x Metal trash2.gif
1 x Hqfiber.gif
1 x Pump2.gif
Tools Adv workbench.png
XP 368

The combat helmet is the corresponding helmet to a soldier's Combat Armor. Though both are the weakest of all combat defensive gear, they still provide a huge boost in the survivability for the soldier.

The helmet comes with a built-in radio. It can be accessed by "using" the helmet. It offers full radio functionality except for SOS beacons.


NPCs in the following encounters are known to wear this helmet:

-Hub Patrol

-Vault City Patrol


-BoS Initiate Patrol

-Bounty Hunters

One can buy the blueprint from Rondo in Shady Sands for 60,000 caps.

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