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That's Mira. she mixes a mean Rad-a-Waster. You'd guess that even with the green hair and the scowl, she's the bartender of this joint.
HP 115
Weapon Unarmed
Location Shady Sands
Quests Pay Back Mira's Debt
Training (none)
Perks (none)
Trading A primary merchant
Other She was married to a policeman who still lives in town, but is now divorced, and her ex-husband says harsh things about her. Merk is her boss.

Mira is the bartender of the Rawhide Saloon in Shady Sands. She is a trader who trades in both Small Guns and Melee Weapons. She is also the quest giver in the Pay Back Mira's Debt quest.

Mira in her saloon.

Get over 1,000 easy Caps via dialogue by indicating you're hungry, and pay a few Caps to eat a meal. (Repeatable).

People in Her Bar

Other Bartenders