Dusty of Dusty's Cantina

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It's the bartender, a gruff-looking guy with a crooked nose and pinched up ears like he might have been a boxer years ago.
HP 95
Weapon Unarmed
Location In Dusty's Cantina at Shady Sands
Quests Involved in Pay Back Mira's Debt
Training (none)
Perks (none)
Trading Small Guns and Melee Weapons Merchant
Other Order a meal each day

Dusty runs Dusty's Cantina, the bar inside Shady Sands, while Mira runs the Rawhide Saloon, the bar outside of Shady Sands' city wall.

Get over 1,000 easy Caps via dialogue by indicating you're hungry, and pay a few Caps to eat a meal. (Repeatable).

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