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NOTE: This is a new feature as of Season 3 and has a lot of content, not yet fully documented here. Post info in Reloaded's wiki channel Discord to help us complete this page.

A lazy day at your private farm...

A Farm out in the Wasteland. This part of the wasteland belongs to someone and is privately owned. They've built a farm out of nothing, and hired a few wastelanders to help cultivate it.


A private farm location with many options. It's like a base, but it is not tied to a faction. It can be purchased in Modoc for 50k Caps and appears on The World map for whomever buys it. Its location is somewhat random, usually near Modoc, Vault City or Redding, but sometimes farther west, or near Broken Hills, or into the desert.

There is a lot of work to do at the farm, with multiple renovation and upgrade options. You bring resources to it, add them to the farm's inventory, plant crops, cycle the farm's productivity, renovate to "unlock" features, generate wealth for the farm's treasury (expressed in old-fashioned dollars), spend that wealth on various options, maintain the farm's health, and more, all via dialogue with the NPCs there.

You can generate maps to your farm if you want other characters to access it, and even add player characters to the farm's leadership. Beware though! Any member of the farm can easily click on options that might spend all of the farm's treasury, or even break the farm's health. Repairing the farm costs 30k Caps so be careful.

LIMIT: One farm per character.

Buying a Farm

  • Character to buy farm must be Level 24 or higher
  • Need to have 50k Caps
  • Buy from Trader Jo, the Sheriff of Modoc in the General Store.
  • Character must not already own another farm or be a co-owner of another farm

NOTE: Once a character is an owner or co-owner of a farm, this cannot be undone. So do not try to use XP from one farm to level an alternate character to go buy another farm.

Health Rating

A new farm's health starts at 100 and will always range from 0 to 100 in 10-point increments. You cycle the farm manually to increase it's treasury, but cycling the farm reduces the farm's health by 10 each time. The farm "breaks" if its health reaches 0, so you need to keep it's health at 10 or higher. Spend a small amount of the treasury to "fix" the farm, which restores farm health back to 100. However, if it reaches zero, it breaks; the workers there will stop working and the farm's productivity will cease. The only way to fix a broken farm is to pay 30k Caps.

The farm's key resources are measured in units of 12 of each of these:

You can check the farm's resource levels via dialogue with your Farming Assistant (shown above), one of the NPC workers there.

NOTE: Bags and bottles are removed from inventory as you deliver them to the farm.

The Workers

There are various NPC workers there, which accept resources for maintaining and upgrading the farm.

  • Farming Assistant is the main go-to guy on the farm.
    • Initiate End of Day will cycle the farm's production system. This can be done up to once per RT hour. BE CAREFUL! (Read more)
    • Check the farm's Health, to make sure it is 20 or higher before you cycle the farm.
    • Check the Treasury to see total dollars available, and gives you some options:
      • Spend $1000 on 250 Caps (removed)
      • Spend $1000 on 500 XP (removed)
      • Spend $1500 to restore the farm's Health back to 100
    • Check the Daily Income, shows how many dollars comes from each production cycle, and from how many crops.
    • Check resource levels of water, food, and lumber.
    • Check Inventory allows you to cultivate various resources, and provides some sharing options:
    • Check Merchantry allows you to trade with other players by turning your resources or income into Minescrips:
  • Ration Overseer is how you add food to the farm's inventory.
  • Well Girl is how you add water to the farm's inventory.
    • You bring water (water containers disappear as they are used for this).
    • Or you can build a water pump which is equal to 20 units of water, for 36 Metal Parts, 48 Junk, and 120 Wood.
    • Or you can buy water barrels from the Water Merchants at Hub for 3k Caps each. (Well Girl won't accept the ones you get from Mere for Water for the World quest.)
    • Or you can sign a water contract with Water Merchants for a steady supply of water (eats into profits).
  • Lumber Worker is how you add wood to the farm's inventory.
  • Gardener is how you plant crops.
  • Farm Family's Father allows you to exchange resources in your farm's inventory and breed Brahmins:
    • Breed brahmins you need 2 brahmins and 3 units of wood food and water
    • Trade 2 food for 1 water
    • Trade 1 food for 1 wood
    • Trade 1 water for 1 food
    • Trade 1 water for 1 wood
    • Trade 6 wood for 1 food
    • Trade 6 wood for 1 water
  • Rancher
  • Preacher (more later)
  • Lumberjack has option to restore the farm's health, and reduces cost of exchanging wood for water/food. He needs to take a break every 3 hours
    • "Take a break" provides 4 units of Wood. Cost 1 unit of water and food.
    • Restore HP of farm and provide 1 unit of Wood
  • Fur Trader Trade hides for $
  • Local Trapper uses 3 Wood and water, but can provide things each RT hour:
  • Working Dog eats 3 Fruit you provide and might return with something useful.
  • Caravan Driver Can organize caravan runs - each caravan run take 20 hours and has risk of losing everything.
  • Traveling Merchant Can sell your resources for:
    • 1 Unit of Water - $250
    • 1 Unit of Food - $125
    • 1 Unit of Lumber - $75
    • Water Crate - $2500
  • The children at the farm will accept Fruit you provide and might return with something useful.


Up to 500 crops can be planted at the farm, which is done via dialogue. You need to bring a minimum amount of 12 Brahmin Dung and 12 Barley to plant 1 crop. However, each crop you plant will also use 1 unit of water, 1 unit of lumber, and 1 unit of food from the farm's inventory. When these stocks fall to zero, you'll be unable to plant more crops until more resources are brought in and added to inventory, which is done via dialogue with various NPCs there.

  • Bringing 12 Wood to the farm will add 1 unit of lumber to the farm's inventory.
  • Bringing 12 full Water Bags will add 1 unit of water to the farm's inventory.
  • Bringing 12 Meat slices or Fruit will add 1 unit of food to the farm's inventory.

You control the production cycle at the farm, by choosing the "End of Day" option via dialogue. As long as resource levels don't fail, this will generate farm income, added to the farm's treasury as "dollars". Each crop yields $12.50 per cycle.

WARNING! Do not initiate the End of Day cycle with a Health rating of 10 or less, or a zero balance of food, lumber, or water! Doing so will cease all production there until repairs are made for 30k Caps.

With some "money" in your farm's treasury, you have some spending options

  • Resource Scrips (more later)
  • Income Minecrips (more later)


There are some clever ways to upgrade your farm by "unlocking" certain features.

  • The Family - allows excess resources in inventory to be exchanged for shortages of others
    • EXAMPLE: If you have 112 lumber but only 2 food and 2 water, you can exchange some lumber for food and some for water.
  • (feature 2 here) - more Soon
  • (feature 3 here) - more Soon
  • (feature 4 here) - more Soon
  • The Church
    • The Priest has some interesting options to boost the health and happiness of the Settlers
    • The Settlers do work for the farm, at a cost of some HP and Happiness

NOTE: You may experience a bug when trying to "unlock" the Settlers, which is supposed to be available via dialogue with them after you unlock the priest. Please report your results with this on the game forum.

Tons more on this new feature Soon - there are many upgrade features to document.

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