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This category contains articles on items used to craft other items. Gathering some of these items requires certain tools, like a Shovel, a Knife, a Hatchet, a Sledgehammer or Primitive Tool:

Most of these resources can also be found while Scavenging and opening Lockers in Towns, as well as from Category:Dungeons and Quests.

Other Resources
Basic Resources Junk · Wood · Flint · Xander Root · Broc Flower · Iron Ore · Minerals · Electronic Parts · Tobacco · Scorpion Tail · Chemical Component · Uranium Ore · Refined Uranium Ore · Fruit · Fibers · Brahmin Hide · Gecko Pelt · Golden Gecko Pelt · Fire Gecko Pelt · Bio Med Gel · Empty Hypodermic · Empty Jet Canister · Brahmin Dung · Meat · Meat Jerky · Car wreck · Barley
Basic Crafted Resources Gunpowder · Metal Parts · Alloys
High Quality Resources High Quality Iron Ore · High Quality Minerals
Advanced Gunpowder · Good Metal Parts · High Quality Alloys · Polymer · High Quality Electronic Parts · High Quality Fibers