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A Caravan Cart is a Vehicle consisting of a car trunk pulled by a Brahmin. Even if the cart is not a fast vehicle, it can still carry 10 players max, like the Vertibird, Truck and the Hummer. Additionally it has an enormously high storage capacity (see below).

Cart Trading


Paul, the cart seller in NCR.

You can buy carts from Paul in NCR (in the bazaar, where your car would park in the Fallout 2 game). Talk to him with enough Caps in your inventory and one Brahmin (to pull the cart) following you and you'll be able to buy a cart. The cart will spawn right after that behind Paul's shop, and you'll have a key in your inventory.

Alternatively you can go to Junktown and talk to John Boy to buy or sell a cart. John Boy is located left of Darkwaters General Store. To have him speak with you, you need some Charisma (2) and Intelligence (4). Use Mentats etc. if you need to.

Besides NCR there are more Pauls selling carts in


To sell your cart, talk with Paul while holding the key to your car in your hand and follow the dialog options to sell it. Keep in mind that the cart matching the key must be on same map as the dealer.

Cart Management and Operation

Traveling with Your Cart

Unlike other vehicles, a caravan cart will not give you any speed bonus when you travel around the wasteland, but they do operate much the same way they do. Carts also do not maximize the Outdoorsman skill while driving, like other vehicles do, instead it is minimized. Expect many Random Encounters. You may also find Caravan Encounters.
To travel with your cart click on the Brahmin with the appropriate key in your inventory or hand and you will enter the world map. If your cart is fueled with Water you can then travel around the wasteland. Players that have you tagged will be able to follow you onto the world map if they are close enough. Note that carts have a short timer before you can exit an encounter, you won't be able to leave fast before Turn-Based combat initiates.

Using Trunk

Each caravan cart has a trunk for Item storage, medium and big carts have the same trunk volume (see below). Accessing the trunk requires you to have the cart's matching key in your hand or inventory (or a really good Lockpick skill), then click on the boxes in the back of the cart. You can then place the desired items into the cart's trunk space.

Cart Maintenance

If your cart runs out of water it will stop on the world map, so be sure to give your Brahmin water from time to time by using Water Bags or Bottles of water on it. Simply click on the Brahmin and select the little bag icon to access your inventory. Then click on a full Water Bag or Bottle with water in your Inventory, and your cow will be refreshed (aka cart refueled: ratio is 1 container of water to 3 units of fuel). You will also have to repair it from time to time by using the Repair skill on your cart with a Tool or Super Tool Kit in your hand.

If you run out of water, it is a good idea to stay on the world map until someone arrives with more water for you. This will lessen the amount of time you are inside an encounter therefore less other players might stumble upon it by accident. If you are alone you may run into trouble if you have no water, you will have to abandon your cart to get water and return. Players can find your cart marked by a red circle on Worldmap and possibly Lockpick it.


Caravan Carts can be purchased in a few sizes.

Medium Cart

A medium-sized caravan cart.
  • Price : 4,000 caps
  • Trunk volume: ~ 51 tons (~ 33333 wood)
  • Max. fuel : 15

Big Cart

A big-sized caravan cart in the desert.
  • Price : 5,000 caps
  • Trunk volume: ~ 51 tons (~ 33333 wood)
  • Max. fuel : 15

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