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Fibers of a mutated plant. Very durable biological material.
Primary Use Crafting various armors
Alternate Use Crafting rope.
Weight 0 grams
Base Price 40 caps

Fibers are a basic wasteland resource which are used to craft rope and a variety of armors. There is also a high-quality varient of fibers, used to make higher-end gear.

Finding and Gathering

  • Fiber plants can be found in random encounters, mostly in mountains and forested lands
  • It can be obtained from disassembling armors
  • You can also find fibers inside Klamath
  • Cut fibers from plant stalks in the farmer's fields in Hub
  • Can be gathered in the north side of Modoc
  • Can be harvested at Tobacco Farm
  • You can farm it in outpost DIY base
  • You need a knife in order to cut it from orange plants
  • You need to use any type of knife in active hand for gathering
  • Your need 3 AP for each pick, and you will get 2 fiber per pick
Gathering fibers.

With a knife of any kind in hand, click on a fiber plant to cut some fiber from it. You should see message that you've obtained some fiber from the plant, or that the plant is out of fiber.


Fibers are used to craft armors and rope.

The following items need fibers to be crafted :

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