H&K P90c

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HK P90c
The Heckler & Koch P90c was just coming into use at the time of the war. The weapon's bullpup layout, and compact design, make it easy to control. The durable P90c is prized for its reliability, and high firepower in a ruggedly-compact package.
Damage 15 - 25
Single AP: 4, Range: 30
Aimed Attack Yes. Single AP +1(2) AP
Burst AP: 5, Range: 25, Rounds: 15
Damage type Normal
Weapon Perk None
Ammo 10mm JHP or 10mm AP
Ammo capacity 60
Strength required 4
Type Single-handed
Possible buffs for Weapons
Deterioration Yes
Weight 3628 grams
Base price 6010 caps
Crafting Table
Hkp90c.gif x 1
Requirements Profession: Gunsmith (Small Guns): 2
Blueprints Yes
Resources 1 x Firewood.gif
4 x Metal trash2.gif
3 x Alloys.gif
2 x Metal trash.gif
1 x Alloys2.gif
1 x Polymer.png
Tools Adv workbench.png
XP 409

Players with Small Guns Characters tend to favor this weapon due to its efficiency. You can buy blueprint from Jacob in Hub for 20k Caps.



The P90 is a good choice for a critter hunt as well as for PvP combat, as you can choose from either 10mm JHP or 10mm AP ammunition. While in a team, a P90 user is often considered a glass cannon, dealing very good amount of damage, but is required to be as close to the enemy as possible, to maximize the bullets hit at burst. Performance is maximized with BRD and MRD and bursts at point blank range. With a specialized character build, 3 bursts per turn will be possible.

The weaker version of the P90 is the 10mm SMG.


Good damage, low Action Points usage, burst mode, choice between JHP and AP ammo, light weight.


Expensive, hard to craft.


Like most great firearms, the P90 was the result of NATO contracting. The goal was to replace 9x19mm Parabellum sub-machine guns currently in use such as the venerated MP5. It was developed by FN, designers of the FAL, in conjunction with the "Five-seven" pistol system -- named after the new ammunition developed for the weapons, 5.7x28mm. It entered production in 1990, hence the designation. With the advent of the Resource Wars, Heckler & Koch scooped up the rights to the now-outdated P90 weapons system, and re-chambered it for the modern 10mm round, dubbing it the "P90c."

When it was developed, the P90 was the smallest fixed-stock sub-machine gun in existence. However, thanks to a bull-pup design and unique feeding system, all of this downsizing hasn't resulted in any loss in accuracy. The original 5.7mm round it was chambered for was a proprietary round produced by FN Herstal. Like many proprietary cartridges designed for excellent firearms, it was never adopted, and the P90 never saw widespread use, despite being widely acknowledged as an excellent firearm. Perhaps H&K saw something of their similar G11 project in the ill-fated P90, because they purchased the rights to manufacture the design and immediately re-chambered it for the 21st-century 10mm round. It would be a shame for such a well-crafted sub-machine gun to go unused.

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