Combat Shotgun

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Combat Shotgun
A Winchester City-Killer 12-gauge combat shotgun, bullpup variant. In excellent condition, it has the optional DesertWarfare environmental sealant modification for extra reliability.
Damage 20 - 28
Single AP: 5, Range: 25
Aimed Attack Yes. Single AP +1(2) AP
Burst AP: 6, Range: 25, Rounds: 4
Damage type Normal
Weapon Perk Penetrate and Knockback
Ammo 12g Shells
12g Slugs
12g Flechette
12g EMP
Gecko's Breath
Ammo capacity 12
Strength required 5
Type Two-handed
Possible buffs for Weapons
Deterioration Yes
Weight 4535 grams
Base price 2555 caps
Crafting Table
Assshot.gif x 1
Requirements Profession: Gunsmith (Small Guns): 1
Blueprints No
Resources 1 x Firewood.gif
6 x Metal trash2.gif
1 x Alloys.gif
Tools Sttable.gif or Adv workbench.png
XP 101

The Combat Shotgun can fire four-round bursts, or in single-shot mode, and uses any of the five 12g ammo options, making it an excellent choice for beginners. It's an effective tool when things are up close and personal, but inferior compared to more advanced automatic shotgun designs, like the H&K CAWS and the Pancor Jackhammer.

This weapon can be crafted with only the first level of professional training, and requires no blueprint. Since it can be sold to multiple Merchants all over the map, it's a favored item for those players looking to make Caps via Barter runs during their early game.


  • Penetrate is a weapon perk which reduces your target's DT to 1/3 of its nominal value
  • Can cause knockdowns up from 10 hexes away
  • 10% chance per bullet to do Knockback


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