Simple Leveling Guide 1-18

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Simple Leveling Guide 1-18
One simple approach to getting from Level 1 to 18.
Season 3rd
Status Done!
Completion 100%
Authors Arronax
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Notes Copied from Peacekeeper Squad's faction forum

This is a brief tutorial on how to use a repeatable job for a decent amount of XP, Caps and various items. Although boring, it is almost effortless and it takes less than two and a half hours to get to level 18.

NOTE: To start smoothly you'll need several things beforehand - four Folded Tents and a vehicle. Therefore, this method may NOT be that quick and accessible for first characters with no outside help.

The Job

Quite simple. Set a tent right next to Hub and have a car waiting there. Then go to Water Merchants district, find Mere at the square. Tell him you're a Runner and he'll offer you a job - deliver three Water Barrels to three towns in the wasteland - Broken Hills, The Den and San Francisco. IMPORTANT: Follow the dialogue carefully and be sure to insist on taking all three barrels at once! Otherwise, you'll end up delivering one barrel at a time which is very slow and highly inefficient. Go back to your car, grab three more tents and head to Broken Hills - it's in zone 29:17. While in your car, choose a spot right next to it, enter the map and set up a tent. Your car will be there. Then enter Broken Hills via main entrance, straight ahead you'll find Marcus. Deliver a Water Barrel to him via dialogue. Head back to the car and go to The Den - zone 10:5. Set a tent next to it, enter via East Side, head north to find Frankie (the bartender) in his bar - The Hole. Give him a Barrel, then go to San Francisco (zone 9:25) and repeat the same procedure. Main entrance, head north and in a building to your left you'll find Lao Chou, a merchant. The recipient of the last Barrel. Once delivered, go back to Mere in Hub to claim your reward and you can immediately pick another three Barrels to deliver.

Notes and Tips

  • For best results, use A Leveling Build with Loner trait and Swift Learner support perk. In order to get Swift Learner early on, spend your first Skill Points on Science until you get it to 50. It also requires IN 6. This way each run will earn you 7920 XP instead of 6600 without these perks.
  • Keep the Barrels in your inventory while traveling with the car - you can't drop items this season but you can lose the vehicle in a forced encounter.
  • Keep track of your vehicle's condition - it will need repairs at some point.
  • A full delivery run can be done under 7 minutes.
  • For seamless travels make sure you have some decent Carry Weight - the three Barrels weigh 166kg. You'll need more than that in order to take you reward and the three Barrels for your next run.
  • Although it says that you'll get 2500 Caps upon completion, you get 3000. Which is nice.
  • Level 18 takes 19 runs. Level 24 takes 35.
  • Once you reach level 18 you should look for faster ways of leveling further. Like the desert, for example. Doing these runs to level 24 would take you approx. 4 hours.
  • All items received as a reward, are in perfect condition.
  • Rewards include: Metal Armor, Combat Leather Jacket, Hunting Rifle, 10mm SMG, Flamer, Laser Pistol, Needler Pistol, Ripper, Tommy Gun, 10mm JHP, Flamer Fuel, Needler Cartridge AP, SEC, MFC, Stimpak, Super Stimpak, Jet, Psycho, Buffout, Mentats, Empty Hypodermic, First Aid Kit, Doctor's Bag, HQ Iron, HQ Minerals.

The Build

You can level many different builds with this method, the main thing is Carry Weight. You'll need to be able to carry 166kgs so if you have at least 88 CW you should be fine. The build below is just a suggestion; it's an example of A Leveling Build because it has Loner and Swift Learner. It's what I use for desert leveling, so it's good for leveling even outside the water runner job:

Traits: Fast Shot and Loner

Tagged Skills: Small Guns, Big Guns, First Aid


Support Perks: Swift Learner, Pack Rat, Strong Back, Snakeater and whatever else you can get once you level up.

Drugs: Buffout, Nuka-Cola, Psycho, Beer, Jet (optional)


ST can be 5 and those two points can be put elsewhere (avoid raising PE, drugs will bring it back down, put the points to LK for slightly more crits).

For a Flamer build get Pyromaniac and you can even sacrifice a Lifegiver for Sharpshooter - it will give you 6 more hexes of sight, which is useful.

With this build you can start farming Floaters/Centaurs as early as level 18. Make sure you raise SG skill to 180+% and take Bonus Rate of Attack on level 18. Use drugs. Bring also Rad-X and RadAway. Poison is quite dangerous this season, make sure you bring plenty of Antidotes.

I hope some players will find this little guide helpful. Hasty leveling!