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« [Spits in your face] KILL HIM! »

- Metzger, the town's leader.

Den's sign as seen in Fallout 2, with the word "slave", though slavery is the wealth of the town...


The Den is a small city that is still alive only thanks to income nowhere close to honest. Criminals run this town, and the gap between the poor and the rich, dealing in Jet and slaves, is gruesome. The most well-known and feared man in Den, Metzger, leads the Slaver's Guild - a company, which is running the largest slaving business in Southern California. When entering Den, you can see a small casino run by Rebecca Dyer aka Becky, which made her quite a well-off person as well.

The layout of the town, with many streets and deserted areas, makes this town a perfect battlefield for small groups. With three entrance points, Characters can challenge each other in PvP Town Control battles .




  • Downtown
  • East Side
  • South Side
  • Southwest

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The Den is located at Grid 10:5 (northwest area).

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