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Modifies Chance of being detected while sneaking
Initial level 5% + 3 x Agility
Related perks Silent Running
Silent Death
Related traits (none)
Maximum 270

"Quiet movement, and the ability to remain unnoticed. If successful, you will be much harder to locate. You cannot run and sneak at the same time, unless you take Silent Running perk."

Sneak allows a player to become totally invisible, unless he performs an attack. If he has the Silent Running perk, he can even run while being sneaked, which allows him to infiltrate enemy lines, for example. However, players can see you if you get too close to them, depending on many things (See the Modifiers section below for more information).

NOTE: You can enter Turn-Based combat sneaked, but you can't enter sneak once Turn-Based combat has started.

NOTE: At high distance, if you have 10 PE, you start sneaking effectively in encounters around 150+%.


Sneak is subject to many modifiers, its mechanics differ from those of Fallout1/2. These modifiers are constantly checked by the game.

  • FoV: When your Character is out of the opponents Field Of View, the sneak is automatically successful.
  • Minimum distance: Up to 3 hexes from opponent, your Character is always visible, regardless your sneak skill.


  • Having an active Stealth Boy in one of active slots gives +30% to the Sneak skill (will not increase above cap, but can be used to mitigate penalties). Stealth Boys use energy from Small Energy Cells or Micro Fusion Cells and grant a 20 minutes long Sneak bonus. You can recharge it with more batteries by repairing it.
  • Sneak is capped at 270%, after which penalties are applied.


  • Armor:
    • No armor (Bluesuit): -50
    • All leather armors and jackets: 0
    • All metal armors: Sneak is disabled.
    • All Combat armors: Sneak is disabled.
    • Powered armors (PA, APA, etc.): Sneak is disabled.
  • Weapons:
    • -100 for holding any SMG in either slot. This includes the H&K P90c, the H&K G11 and the H&K G11E.
    • -100 for two handed rifle in either slot, -150 for heavy weapons in either slot, -72 for carrying activated "timed explosives" in your inventory/slot.

Against an Opponent

  • Direction - direction of the opponent has a big impact, basically the area around opponent is divided into four parts, and each part modifies your Sneak skill value as follows:
    • Front: -72
    • Front-sides: -36
    • Back-sides: -12
    • Back: 0

Actions that Make You Visible Again

The following actions may remove your sneak, and make you visible again to your enemies' eyes.

  • Attacking.
  • Running (If you haven't taken the Silent Running perk).
  • Player Characters in combat are always de-sneaked at the end of a Turn-Based turn.
  • Wearing any Power Armor, as said above (PA, APA, etc).
  • Looting Containers and bodies by "take all".
  • Looting bodies while sneaked has 50% chance of de-sneaking.
  • Picking up items from the ground while sneaked demands successful steal test. The weight is checked.
  • When using Pickup-All hotkey.
  • Mining or chopping Wood.
  • Dismantling items.
  • Active Motion Sensor reveals all critters in 15 hexes radius (whether behind a wall or not). It consumes Small Energy Cells and Micro Fusion Cells. Use Science on it to see remaining charges and Repair for recharging with batteries.


The opponent is invisible whenever its distance from the observer increased by final Sneak/6 is larger than observer's FRONT Sight range (regardless of the actual direction).

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