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« If you hadn't noticed yet, our little farming community is experiencing one of its worst droughts ever.
The rainy season was unusually short this year, and our crops are dead or dying from lack of water.
To put it bluntly, our community is on the verge of withering away with our crops. »

- Jo, the mayor.

Modoc's sign as seen in Fallout 2...


Modoc was built on the edge of the former Modoc National Forest, and is one of the secondary towns of Fallout 2. For a long time, Modoc's community has been surviving trading meat and brahmin hides (the city is featuring an impressive slaughterhouse), but now other cities have begun to sell the same stuff at cheaper prices. Nowadays Modoc is beginning to be mostly a trade city, thanks to its armorer Balthas, its location on the route to Vault City or The Den, and the Bed and Breakfast that gives a warm welcome to travelers.


The main entrance of Modoc, a place where a lot of people died without mercy!

Despite being of less importance in the original Fallout 2 game, Modoc is a big city in FOnline: Reloaded. It attracts many fighters because it is one of the few cities that is not guarded in the northern part of the worldmap. It is also a city where no reputation is needed (when the slavers of Den may attack you or Gecko's ghouls).


  • Shoveling Poo is enabled in Modoc, since there is a brahmin pen near the slaughterhouse. A beginner or a low-level player may earn his first caps and xp here, but take care! This city is not safe, and you may get killed easily for a few caps.
  • Modoc also contains some quests.
  • There is a workbench inside the tannery.
  • You can trade with merchants, like Sheriff Jo, Grisham, or Balthas.
  • Rose's Bed and Breakfast can rent you rooms or trade some stuff.
  • The Town Control system is implemented in Modoc too, and makes this town a frequent battlefield.
  • This town is one of the best places to fight - or get killed - in FOnline: Reloaded.
  • You can rent Hotel Rooms there, at Rose's Inn.
  • There are some small garden in the north where you can find Fruit, Fibers, and Barley.
  • Roman might sell you some Brahmin.
  • You can join Caravans as a guard.
  • Farrel putters around in the garden, trying to get plants to grow during the drought.


  • North
  • East
  • South

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Modoc is located at Grid 20:5 (north central area).

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