Gecko Sanctuary

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« You can see what appears to be a large gathering of Geckos, and much... larger predators... out in the distance. Be careful around here. »

- ingame description.

Gecko Sanctuary's entrance, with swarms of geckos around the small toxic pond.(image)


The Gecko Sanctuary is a small public dungeon, located southwest of Redding, and it is swarmed with variety of Gecko species.
This location was introduced with the beginning of Season 3.


Consists mainly of different hostile Gecko species, which seem to be drawn by this tiny body of radiated water.
Proceed with caution and act swiftly to avoid swarming.

Gecko Sanctuary population
Click on any of their names for more detailed information.
Critters 5x
Silver Gecko
Golden Gecko
Fire Gecko
Alien Queen
Mother Deathclaw
Critter Image
25-35 HP
Magkoaa sw.gif
45-65 HP
Magckoaa sw.gif
70-80 HP
Mafireaa sw.gif
Fire Breath
473 HP
Maquenaa sw.gif
573 HP
Maclawaa sw.gif
Disposition Hostile Hostile Hostile Hostile Hostile
Dialogue No No No No No
XP on kill 55-60 135-210 500-650 1000 2000
Loot none none none none none
Notes not a source for any pelts Northwest corner
Deals Radiation damage
Northeast corner


  • Kill all the geckos for XP.
  • Kill the two larger bosses for XP.
  • You can loot the two bodies, each near one of the bosses.


Gecko Sanctuary is located at Grid 10:15 (northern parts of the desert, east of Navarro).

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