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You have exited your vault!


The starting location is place where newly created player characters start the game.

NOTE: At this time, all new characters start their journey near Hub. (In the past, there were three such locations, including Shady Sands and Gecko, each with it's own unique starting quest.)

You start with no items at all in your Inventory, having just recently managed to exit your vault. As you exit the tunnel, you're prompted to go in one of two possible directions:

  • Head over to Lander's Point, a tutorial settlement where new people can read a lot of details, and Level up a bit in relative safety
  • Or head straight out into the open wasteland and take your chances at Level 1

If you choose the open wasteland, you'll find a caravan outside when you exit the tunnel. Talk with the caravan driver to get your first two easy jobs:

If you're new to the game and you like following quest content, consider using this guide to get started in Hub.

Also talk with Kris who is the NPC guarding the waterhole. Speak with him to get your first few easy Experience Points. As with any encounter map, leave by running to the Exit Grid.

List of Starting Locations

  • Near the Hub
    • Status: Active. This is the only active starting location at this time.
    • Zone: 30:40
    • Quests: Far Go Scout and Into the Great Wide Open
    • NOTE: You can get your first 50 XP by talking to the NPC standing near the pool of water.

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