Iguana Pete's Missing Son

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Find Iguana Pete's long lost son and deliver him a message from his father. You might find him in NCR.

NOTE: You only get one chance to do the dialogue options correctly to get this quest started.

Once you get the quest, go to Shady Sands and talk with the Iguana merchant there next. He will send you to talk with Lenny the Mutant in the Rawhide Saloon. Lenny mentions a town called "New" something, which might lead you to New Adytum in the Boneyard, but go to the NCR Train Station instead. Son of Bob ends up being a Ranger Captain there.
To Iguana Pete, say:
  • Why so glum?
  • Don't be like that...
  • Let it out, man...
  • Hey I think I might have met him...
  • Well, he actually doesn't look like you that much...
  • Sure, Caps are always good.
  • Got it. I'll let him know.

And to the iguana vendor in Shady Sands, say:

  • I have a message for you...
  • No really. He says he forgives you.
  • But it says Son of Bob right there on the cart!
  • Well where'd you get it?
  • Here's a cap for the info...

Then to Lenny the Mutant, say:

  • You...know...sonofbob?
  • me know...big iguana bob...he looking sonofbob
  • Drink for Small Bob!
  • Where find small Bob?
  • Where in desert?
  • New what? Dammnt tell me...
  • (he doesn't look well...)

Lastly, to the real son of Bob, say:

  • I'm looking for the son of a man named Pete...
  • This guy from the Hub went all weepy on me...
  • Hey I haven't delivered the message...
  • Sounds like a plan, adventure man.