Into the Great Wide Open

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Into the Great Wide Open
Nmbsnpaa sw.gif The Quest-Giver is:
Location Starting Location
Requirements None
Quest Completion Talk to Father O'Shaughnessy in The Hub.
Rewards 1000 XP
75 Caps
Hub +0 Karma
3 Stimpaks
An alcoholic drink
4 10mm AP
3 7.62mm
5 5mm AP
2 .44 Magnum JHP
Repeatable No
Notes Talk with Kris there too to get your first 50 xp.

Explore the vast city called the Hub, and introduce yourself to Joe Kelly.

Into the Great Wide Open is a Starting Location quest, to help new players learn about the city frequented by most players: The Hub. It is simply a fetch quest where you have to introduce yourself to a chain of four people in the city, and maybe get a clue on what you should do next to make a living in the harsh Wasteland. This will get you a few XP as you learn about some important locations of The Hub.


  • Available only when a new character chooses to "head out into the open wasteland", and skips going to the Lander's Point settlement. Just outside the cave, talk with a caravan driver (all dialogue option 1).



You will see a Startled Caravan Driver at the Starting Location, just outside the cave. Talk to him (all dialogue option 1) and he will eventually mention about a mass trading city called The Hub. He suggests going there and talking to Joe Kelly. Exit to The World map and head east 1 zone to The Hub. If you're forced into a hostile encounter in that short distance, just run for the Exit Grid because you're too weak at Level 1 to do any fighting.

Enter the city and follow Hub's Main Street toward the fortified walls. You will find Joe Kelly nearby. Talk to him and mention that you are from a Vault. Continue the conversation and you will gain 125 XP, a Stimpak, and four 10mm AP rounds. Eventually, he will mention about a little girl who's alone in Old Town. Ask about Custos the Scout and you'll gain an additional 75 XP. Optional: talk to him some more to learn more about the city.

There are two ways to get to Old Town, an eastern suburb of Hub. You can either go down towards the Market District and then follow the road east past Far Go Traders, or you can exit where you came in and use the Town/World button to go to Old Town directly. Once in Old Town, go to the "TANNERY". In front of the building, you should see a Sad Little Girl. Go up and talk to her. She will ask if you know where her father is. Try not to creep her out. Either say you don't know where her dad is or ask what he looks like. She will mention that he "likes to listen to girls sing at the big bird place." Finishing this conversation correctly begins a new quest called No Child Left Behind. You will need to complete that quest before you can continue this one, so go back to the Market District and head west to the Maltese Falcon to find her father (a drunk at the end of the bar).

After completing the other quest, the little girl will suggest you head over to someone named Beth who runs the Gun Store. Go back to the Market District and head towards the south until you see a shop with a sign that says "GUNS." Go inside and introduce yourself to Beth. She'll give you a Stimpak along with a small amount of various ammunition. She'll also mention about the other shops in the area. She suggests you go up and talk to Mitch who runs the All-In-One-Store. You'll earn 100 XP once the conversation ends. Get out and head west until you see a building with "GENERAL STORE" written on the front. Talk to the owner Mitch inside and introduce yourself. Eventually, he suggests you should check if your health is okay by seeing Doctor Burhnefletch. After the conversation ends, you'll gain 125 xp and 75 Caps.

Head west past the bar until you see a clinic. Go inside and talk to Doctor Burhnefletch. Mention that you are from a vault and that you need help. He thinks you're being ridiculous and suggests you go seek spiritual guidance at the church. After sending you out in a huff, you'll gain 75 XP and a Stimpak. Head north northeast until you see a tall ebony building. Head inside and ask Father O'Shaughnessy if this place really is a church. You two will have a discussion about what purpose you will try to serve in the Wasteland. You'll come to the conclusion that you're in control of your life. After this, he'll mention about any quests and jobs to do by simply asking him over and over until you say farewell. If you ask often enough before leaving, he'll mention about a tent that'll trigger something in your Pip-Boy. This will start the quest called A Tent in the Wasteland. In any case, end the conversation to finish the quest and earn 500 XP as well as a Flower.


Writing down the jobs that Father O'Shaughnessy mentions wouldn't hurt.

Don't worry if you forget to make Father O'Shaughnessy talk about A Tent in the Wasteland. You can still activate that quest by entering The Hub, Shady Sands, or Vault City at Level 2, which you will likely achieve by the time you finish this quest.

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