Old Traditions

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Old Traditions
Nawhitaa sw.gif The Quest-Giver is:
Father O'Shaughnessy
Location Hub
Requirements (none)
Quest Completion Report back to Fr O in Hub
Rewards 5500 XP
??? Caps
+/-? Karma
A Folded Tent
Repeatable No
Notes Search up north

It seems that the church in the Hub has a horrid stench to it. The smell is coming rom the graveyard outside. Apparently, the priest over there doesn't know how to properly bury the dead, and has asked me to help him figure it out. He told me that there is a man up north that might know something about proper burial. The only clue I have to go on is "The last breath". I really don't know how that helps, but if I'm interested in doing some good around here I should chase down this mystery.

In Hub's church, Father O'Shaughnessy is troubled. Talking to him, he goes on about how The World is in a terrible state due to how often people die nowadays. He's ashamed that he can't even give them a proper burial. He doesn't know much, but he knows there's someone up north who knows the proper way to bury the dead. You'll have to go on a journey to get the priest the information he needs, make The World a little better for him, and hopefully take care of that putrid odor in the graveyard.

The only clue he shares is "the last breath". Without spoiling it, this is a reference to a certain business in a northern town, with a name on its sign out front that is similar. As you look for this location, watch for a sign on a building that is very similar to "the last breath".

You get 2000 XP once a certain man offers to go to Hub and speak with the priest, and another 3500 XP once you report back to Father O'Shaughnessy.

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