Restore Hope to a Sad Farmer

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Restore Hope to a Sad Farmer
Nmbrlpaa sw.gif The Quest-Giver is:
The Sad Farmer in Hub
Location Hub
Requirements wip
Completion Kill all hostiles at his farm.
Get completion message.
Rewards 2500 on completion
+5500 for kills XP
0 Caps
?? Karma
+15 to Close Combat
Repeatable No
Notes Find basement
Best with high CC

There is a Sad Farmer in Hub in a tent west of the fields of crops in the town. His farm is overrun with "monsters" and needs your help to ever return to farming there.

NOTE: There was a known bug where combat mode in the basement was forced into Turn-Based mode, but recently RT is confirmed as working properly in the basement.

NOTE: The higher your Close Combat skill when you complete this quest, up to 285, the more value it is, since +15% skill at Close Combat 285 requires a lot more Skill Points than +15% at only Close Combat 85, or 185.

Make sure to find the basement! If you don't get a completion message, then some of the "monsters" are still alive.


  • wip


  • A total of over 8000 XP:
    • 2500 XP for completing quest
    • plus 5500 more XP for "monster" kills.
  • +15 bonus to Close Combat skill, even if you have 285.
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