The Lonely Hunting Camp

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In Hub Market district, talk with a traveling merchant who is usually near the water well. Pay his fee, and find a new map location: a forgotten highway surrounded by a forest, you find this place where Silver Geckos and Golden Geckos graze. There's an inverted truck in a green radioactive puddle (with no radiation effect) and some abandoned chests here and there. One gecko is guarding a red-shirt victim.

NOTE: This location is on a long timer, but do not park a vehicle here for long! The place will disappear and you can lose a car. People have been known to lose vehicles this way.


  • Metal Armor
  • A Combat Shotgun is on the ground in a place that's hard to see, near a "red shirt"
  • Various low-tier weapons, ammo, and armor items from the lockers
  • Gecko pelts if you have the Gecko Skinning perk
  • Tons and tons are trees, so bring a Hatchet


  • One of the easiest dungeons with good starting loot
  • A rich place to gather Wood
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