Badega Bay

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« This is a small, remote San Francisco Fishing Bay. It's an independant outpost, but it's still protected by the Chinese. It looks relatively safe. » -in-game description.


Badega Bay is a small public location, situated on the coast north of San Francisco. You can trade fish here, buy or sell furniture, or purchase some essential tools.
Badega Bay has been successfully operating for the past fifteen years, providing the communist community of Frisco with fresh fish and quality services.
This location was introduced with the beginning of Season 3.


Consists mainly of peasants, Hang Transportation Guards, and some skillful craftsmen.

Badega Bay population
Interaction Interactive Not interactive
Critters Tool Maker Carpenter Fisherman 11x
Hang Transportation Guards
Pier 39 Guard
Critter Image
85 HP
Nmfattaa sw.gif
85 HP
Nmbsnpaa sw.gif
456 HP
Nmasiaaa sw.gif
313 HP
Nmrgngaa sw.gif
313 HP
Nmrgngaa sw.gif
110-125 HP
Nmasiaaa sw.gifNfasiaaa sw.gif
Disposition Neutral Neutral Neutral Neutral Neutral Neutral
Dialogue Yes Yes Yes No No No
XP on kill ' ' ' ' ' '
Loot ' ' ' ' ' '
Notes Sells tools Deals Furniture Sells Meat ' ' '


At Badega Bay you can find:

  • A Tool Maker - find him near the entrance
Pricelist of tools
1x Folded Tent for 2000 Caps.
1x Tool for 500 Caps.
1x Hatchet for 150 Caps
1x Sledgehammer for 150 Caps
1x Knife for 100 Caps
1x Water Bag for 50 Caps
1x Lighter for 200 Caps
1x Radio for 325 Caps
  • A Carpenter - located in the western building with a big green Jet graffiti on its wall
Pricelist of Furniture
Each costs 7500 Caps.
Small Ammo Box (Left or Right)
Large Ammo Box (Left or Right)
Footlocker (Left or Right)
Locker (Left or Right)
Wooden Chest (Left or Right)
Poor Box
Floor Safe
Buys the following:
Locker for 500 Caps
Footlocker for ??? Caps
Floor Safe for ??? Caps
  • A Fisherman - lives in the northern building, the one with the small garden
Pricelist of Meat packages
Single Fish (1x Meat) for 10 Caps
Half Dozen Fish (6x Meat) for 60 Caps
Full Dozen Fish (12x Meat) for 120 Caps
Whole Tuna (30x Meat) for 300 Caps
Whole Rad-A-Caster (50x Meat) for 500 Caps
Whole Deep Water Fish (100x Meat) for 1000 Caps
Seaweed Packages:
A Bundle (1x Fruit) for 35 Caps
Half a dozen Bundles (6x Fruit) for 210 Caps
A dozen Bundles (12x Fruit) for 420 Caps
A crate (100x Fruit) for 3500 Caps

  • Has a regular Workbench in a small shack with two lockers, near the entrance.


Badega Bay is located at Grid 6:20 (north of San Francisco, on the coast).

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