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Yeah, this graveyard outside o' town. It's where they put debtors and people who've crossed the families. They just string 'em up on posts and let 'em die slowly in the sun. Not my choice a' dying. Stinks like hell out there. - Jules.

Golgotha is a large graveyard just south of New Reno. It is where people are taken when they fall out of favor with one of the mob families in New Reno. The bodies of such are often left on display up on stakes, but many burial graves are all around them too. In the middle is an intersection of paved crossroads, with a signpost in the middle. Signs point northwest to New Reno and down, to Hell. The graves here can be dug up with a shovel for random items, for those unafraid of earning the Grave Digger reputation.

A Holy Man stays in Golgotha, and will gradually walk around refilling whatever graves people dig up. Graves can be empty, but sometimes have items. Grave items range widely from Rocks, Spears, and simple leather armor, to an assortment of weapons including Wakizashi Blades, but also can include better things like Metal Armor Mark II and even Combat Armor Mark II, though all of it varies widely in condition.


Golgotha is located at Grid 20:19, and has four exits.


The mountain where Jesus was crucified outside of Jerusalem is also named Golgotha. In Greek it means "place of the skull", and the roads in New Reno's Golgotha interestingly do form a cross.

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